Life of martial arts and Zen meditation!_武禅修行へGO!_

Life of martial arts and Zen meditation!_武禅修行へGO!_

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Do you want to simplify your life with martial arts and Zen meditation?

Nice to meet you.

 This website is managed by Rin KAZ.
I have trained martial arts for 18 years.
I ’m 41 years old soon.
When I was thirty, I was full of anxiety, confusion and annoyance.
I was fed up with my life.
At that time, I was trying to relieve stress by training martial arts.

I had a good sweat, refreshed and returned to everyday life.

I was sending such days.It was a very fulfilling good day.

In this way, I was able to refresh in martial arts until I was 34 years old.
However, my situation has changed since the age of 34.
My recovery fell.
I am tired all the time. So you can not do martial arts.
I began to get depressed in martial arts.
I lost the means of stress relief.
It became tough every day.

Then why?

As time went on, people's attitude towards me got worse.
Everyday life became hell.
I started Zen while continuing martial arts training to change the current situation.
Through Zen I finally understood that I had a problem with my mind.

My life now is much better than at that time.

I hope that this site will help someone.

I would like to convey training methods of Zen and martial arts as accurately as possible.

『Welcome to a life with Zen and martial arts!』Rin KAZ(2019.7)


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『武禅修行へようこそ!』林 KAZ(2019.7)


仁王像  『Welcome to a life with Zen and martial arts!』


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