Life of martial arts and Zen meditation!_武禅修行へGO!_

Life of martial arts and Zen meditation!_武禅修行へGO!_


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I have been studying martial arts for 18 years.I have been learning Zen for five years.I ’m 41 years old soon.When I was thirty, I was full of anxiety, confusion and annoyance.So I was fed up with my life.I devoted myself to martial arts to release stress. I have a good sweat, become fresh and return to everyday life.I was sending such days.It was a very fulfilling good day.

 Previously, I was able to refresh in martial arts.I began to recover slowly from fatigue.Therefore, I am tired and I can not do martial arts as much as before.I began to get depressed in martial arts.I lost the means of stress relief.I lost control of my mind and body.It became tough every day.As time went on, people's attitude towards me got worse.Everyday life felt like hell.I started Zen while continuing martial arts training to change the current situation.

It is written in Dhammapada that "Everything is based on heart, made mainly by heart, created by heart".Through Zen I finally understood that I had a problem with my mind.My life now is much better than at that time.I hope that this site will help someone.I would like to convey training methods of Zen and martial arts as accurately as possible.


『Welcome to a life with Zen and martial arts!』


【Dojo in front of the mountain gate of the Computer Mountain Yoshinji.】List of articles.

Martial arts zen training introduction book.


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Youshinji's zen methodー養心寺の坐禅作法ー

【4】About Zen.
【5】Youshinji's zen method.


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